YES!!!! :D

Sorry, long time no write and this blog will be brief. It’s been a VERY busy three months with my husband here for the holidays vs. Antarctica (first time in six years!!!), a six week bathroom remodel and tile rip up job (1200 square feet of cork flooring has been laid and it’s gorgeous, will post before and after pics in my next post hopefully), and running the eBay shop.

I’m super proud to announce the shop has been doing quite well since I resigned from the state last August. My husband is beyond awesome for giving me his blessing to sell full time and supporting / encouraging me 100% in this new venture. Last night I cracked $10,000 in sales for a 31 day period on eBay. I seriously NEVER thought I’d see that number or not within 8 months of resigning. I’m excited and, frankly, the screen shot was too awesome not to share!


P.S. EXTREMELY glad I closed the Etsy shop and wish I had done it sooner.


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