The Settlement Home Sale & Other Early November Goodies

So for the past month I had REPEATEDLY driven past a billboard advertising a huge charity garage sale for Settlement Home the weekend of November 1st. REPEATEDLY! Needless to say, late Saturday afternoon that weekend I drive by the sign and kick myself. I totally forgot about it. So my picking pal and I hightailed it over to the sale at 10am Sunday. We were there 4 hours and I kind of wanted to blow my brains out towards the end. A TOTAL MADHOUSE!






Ugh! Nightmare! Despite the hassle and misery I managed to leave with some amazing finds at half off asking price. Shortly after getting there I found this vase in the Antiques section:


This black amethyst glass vase had been at the King ranch sale but I passed it up. Ever since then I had regretted not buying it. I couldn’t believe my luck when it found its way back to me at the charity sale. The estate sale company had donated the unsold items and I ended up getting my vase for a steal. It’s likely Bohemian.

Here are the rest of the goodies from the sale:






The pile on the credenza includes Dansk stemware, antique Italian pottery, Virginia Metalcrafters, and an early Kosta vase. The Van Gogh needlepoint is very nicely done. The painting with kites is an original by listed artist Jean Daumier. The 1972 Munich Olympics flag, by Otl Aicher, will likely be my best find of the month. The only other version of this flag in this size that I can find documented is in the Olympics exhibit at the Munich city museum.

The following Monday I had lunch down south with some old coworkers and decided to hit some thrifts in the area while I was at it. Every store had awesome stuff so of course I didn’t stop picking til dark. It was kind of a magical day. Here are the fruits of my labor:



Wow!!! A Dansk teak mill, Dansk glass trivet inserts, Murano glass x 3, Riihimaki, Jorge Wilmot, Ishmael Soto pottery, Rosenthal Studio Line glass, an antique British watercolor, an amazing little painting by Texas artist Louise Lebauve, and FOUR Walter Von Nessen brass lamps (with three linen shades not pictured).

Until next time (epic metroplex picking adventure!!!!).


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