Murano Mondays – Murano Glass Lighting

Howdy, folks. As stated in my Facebook page last week, I’m starting a new Monday tradition, Murano Mondays. Every Monday I will be discussing Murano glass and hopefully we can all learn something new about my favorite vintage picking find, Murano!

As you may or may not know, Murano (or Venetian) glass is from the Italian island of Murano, off the shore of Venice, where artists have been making notable, high quality glasswares for over a thousand years. Needless to say, the high quality craftsmanship and design which comes from a millennium of glassmaking tradition also comes with a hefty price tag. Lamps and chandiliers are usually the biggest and priciest Murano pieces on the market (cheap eBay finds are in the mid $100s for small lamps). Today’s blog features phenomenal Murano lamps for sale at the Forestwood Antique Mall in Dallas. I was lucky enough to visit there yesterday and had a blast browsing the lamps (and everything else, of course). Enjoy!

A lovely Art Deco electrified wall sconce. This dealer was lucky enough to have four in their booth.




Ethereal Murano chandaliers




Gorgeous gold dust bullicante table lamps. These lamps likely originally had bronze mountings and bases and have been restored with lucite bases to give them a more modern look.


By far the best Murano lamps I’ve flat out EVER seen are these monumental lovelies. They’re huge, over three feet in height, and made of black glass with gold dust inclusions and bullicante bubble decoration. Absolutely phenomenal!


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