The Big Move (with recent thrift picks and ACL!)

In case you were unaware, my seller love affair with Etsy ended about a year ago when my sales started to take a nose dive. It was at that time that I started listing my more valuable inventory on eBay, quietly at first, like a dirty little secret, and then in ever increasing numbers. And shockingly, unlike on Etsy, my items were actually selling on eBay. Since quitting my state job in August, selling has become less novelty and more necessity. After hemming and hawing over what to do with my Etsy store, which I loved, and being censored by an Etsy admin on a forum (I did not curse or talk shit about anyone’s shop, but rather talked shit about Etsy’s absurd blog), I abruptly decided to close shop and move everything to eBay. Screw it! Needless to say it’s been a very pleasant and busy first few weeks and I couldn’t be happier. I’m proud to announce I’m now an eBay “Power Seller” and have officially opened Temple of Vintage on eBay. I only wish I had made the move to eBay sooner, I likely could have quit my state job last year if I had.

Though my picking has decreased somewhat, I have found some great stuff recently that deserves some honorable mentioning, so without further ado, onto the picks (in no particular order)…

Nissen teak and antique steins

Deco German glass

Italian brass end tables FOR ME!!!

Round Top finds including an antique Albarello and ambrotype. The Wilmot got cracked and will stay in my kitchen (GRRRRR!)

Murano, Hans Bolling, Gucci, map prints

Egg yolk Baltic amber earrings I might have to keep

French Empire bronze tazza, Japanese woodblocks, antique 19th century Parisian photos, Digsmed, and a massive holmegaard majgron vase.

Inlaid panels from an antique bed

A rare Arnold Blanch Associated American Artists Stonelain Pottety dish

Boda suncatcher and Tom Christiansen owl

Spanish lamp, Kaj Franck vase, tons if Eva Zeisel Fantasy, Hermes, and early Pierre Cardin

Italian vase (likely FF), very rare Royal Copenhagen lynx figurine, a Willy Johansson Hadeland polar bear, and a signed Ilias Lalaounis copper plate card.

In the middle of all this we also managed to go to ACL and see Electric Six, Depeche Mode, and The Cure.

“We didn’t come here all the way from Arkansas to not push it.” – Electric Six on pushing it for ACL

Depeche Mode

The Cure

And my reaction to Portugal. The Man’s cover of It’s Always Sunny’s “Day Man”. Disclosure: I’m obsessed with Depeche Mode and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Best. ACL. Ever (even with Sunday being rained out).


4 thoughts on “The Big Move (with recent thrift picks and ACL!)

  1. I learn so much from your finds! I am glad that the move went well and that you are a happy seller. I still have some good days on eBay and some good days on Etsy. I am glad you inspired me to list on eBay!

  2. Thanks, Heather and good luck! My only issue with ebay so far is that I’ve been unwilling to do next day shipping to try to get top seller status, which means discounts on final fees. I still have to figure out how much my time is worth. And the end tables have caused me to try to sell all my Danish furniture and go in a new direction for the house. Dangerous!

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