Picking Pet Peeves

Disclaimer: I do not consider myself an expert in all things vintage and have bought a few turds in my day, but the items featured in this blog are repeat offenders and it’s time someone set the record straight.

Laura of TOV

For those of you who have made these mistakes and appreciate constructive criticism, take notes for future reference. For those of you who aspire to be savvy vintage pickers and resellers, consider this blog entry as a picking tutorial. For those of you, like myself, who get enraged when you see these items while picking or browsing vintage shops, consider this group therapy. On to the peeves!



These blown glass swans and flower vases are horrific. They’re heinous. They are incapable of being attractive anywhere. They are often marketed as Murano but I do believe they are Canadian or American (if I’m not mistaken). Every single time these birds are called “murano” all of the dead Venetian glass masters from the past 300 years spin in their graves. Just stop.


These glasses are not Iittala Kekkerit and are not attractive. Just stop.


Like the glasses above, these candlesticks are often marketed as Iittala Festivo. These NOT Iittala. These are cheap and kind of ugly. Just stop.


Ah, last but not least, the “Bitossi Style Bull”. Unlike the other items in this blog, this bull isn’t even vintage. These guys are fairly new, from Vietnam, and were sold at Dollar Tree about ten years ago (seen when I was out of school, poor, and shopped at Dollar Tree). If you are unaware of Dollar Tree, it’s a store where everything costs $1. That means if you buy it from a thrift store for $3 you paid three times what it’s worth. If you then go and flip it to your customers for say $30, you’re screwing them out of 29 more of these gorgeous bulls because they cost $1 a piece. At Dollar Tree. Just stop.


2 thoughts on “Picking Pet Peeves

  1. Guilty as charged! I sold that bull once, when I was naive and knew nothing (HA!) I should apologize to my customer. I have since passed on many of these. I won’t do that again. Thanks for this.

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