Thrift Picks, “What day is this again?” Edition

What day is it again? I’ve been so busy with work and life that I barely know the month, let alone the date. This blog entry is a mishmash of goodies I’ve found over the past two weeks that I haven’t been able to post in the blog due to last week’s estate sale blog madness, the garage sale we just hosted, and my exhausting work schedule.
Speaking of my exhausting work schedule… The hubs finally gave be the green light on resigning from my state job in order to sell online FULL TIME. I’ve been working approximately 60-70 hours a week running the shop and making my crazy 40 mile daily commute to the ghetto for two years now. I AM SO EXCITED! Wednesday, 7/31/13, is my last day. And I WILL be very busy after my last day listing all of the goodies you’ve seen on the blog that have been languishing in my office and spare room for months, just waiting for their moment to shine online.

And what is the government job I’m leaving, that I’ve bitched about incessantly for nearly six years? I am (until Wednesday) a disability examiner for social security applicants in Texas. It’s easy work for good pay if you can stand the soul crushing decisions you have to make, the constant whining and manipulation (do I look like I have “chump” written on my forehead?), and the often illogical bureaucratic policy nightmare that is the reality of any government work. I am SO happy to be leaving!!

And I consider THIS a good omen to the start if my new business:


The rare Dansk rosewood pepper mill from last weekend’s super sale sold on eBay in 10 hours for $1500. An identical one sold last May at auction for $1313. A larger mill in the same line also sold recently for over $1900 on eBay auction. As far as my research has found, my mill might be the second highest priced one on eBay ever. Now I just need to find three or four of these a month and I’m set!

Now, onto the picks (in no particular order and photographed au natural)…

Dansk trivet, Sea Glasbruk candlesticks (can also be used as vases!), and a carved African gourd vase.

Framed tile from Puerto Rican artist Susana Espinosa, dated 1975.

A Japanese handbag made for Gumps San Francisco. The lining is bright red satin and the clasp is gold plated sterling silver with a cut glass flower.

The killer hoard from two Sundays ago: Danish poster by IB Antoni, large Digsmed ice bucket, unusual Gambone-eaque pottery bowl, 6 Denby Arabesque bowls, a Venini Spicci murano glass cocktail pitcher (OMG!), a cool hand painted Mexican waist bin, an unusual Art Deco watercolor of a Vicke Lindstrand Orrefors vase (assuming collectors will want it), and a stunning hook rug wall hanging of a peacock feather (artist signed).


Early last week I managed to find these stunners at my favorite thrift shop:



The throw pillows (which are massive at 25 inches in length) are Versace. I found the Gianni Versace tag inside the zippered pillow case, likely why they were still in the shop. And they are SUPER CLEAN (Somebody pinch me!). The hand painted charger (12 inch diameter) is French Limoges by Balleroy Freres, late 1800s.

Until next time…


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