Round 2, The Estate Sale That Blew My F#cking Mind

Obviously I was going back today to the epic estate sale (featured in yesterday’s entry) to sift through the dregs and get some discounts. This time it took the hubs with me because my two hands were woefully inadequate for the job. This was his first estate sale and he handled it like a trooper with no complaints. I don’t think he realizes this was a test run. The house was like a sauna and packed to the brim again. I discovered three more rooms I had missed yesterday (that’s how big this house is) and managed to find some great stuff left over from yesterday, including my best glass find to date. On to the picks!


Kartell Italian plastic doohickeys, fun 1970s poster, Waechtersbach piggy bank with key, and Selandia Norwegian pewter candlesticks.



Nymphenburg figurine (retains fair value if not a major breakage)



Bitossi Raymor bowl and Ed Langbein coconut cups, all made in Italy.

Royal Copenhagen Blue Line serving accessories (we have most of a service for 6 already).



Cadoro earrings, seed pearl set, cool acrylic cross pendant, and celluloid Spanish comb.





The black glasses are Murano, Carlo Moretti Satinato. The lamp is very special! I didn’t notice it until I was about to leave the sale, it was on a top shelf behind the jewelry counter. Negotiating on the price and paying via credit card took over 40 excruciating minutes in 85 degree heat but it was well worth it. The lamp was made in 1982 by Murano glass master Lino Tagliapietra for Oggetti in a limited edition of 100. The base is signed and numbered. I’ve only been able to find three other examples online, a pair that sold on 1stDibs and a single lamp that went to auction at Wright’s in 2005.

Until next time folks (massive warehouse sale on Friday!!)


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