Thrift Picks, Week of 6/30/13 (I think?)

Howdy, folks. Very long time, no write. Things have been increasingly hectic over the past few weeks and blogging had been pushed to the wayside. Laborious activities included finally getting our master bathroom shower door and walk in closet fixed and having a garage sale in the 106 degree heat to clear out junk and old inventory.


The garage sale was vaguely successful and no one died from the heat. Needless to say, I miss Abilene in West Texas, where impromptu sales at our old house could easily yield $500 in a day. Sigh…

Today I’m up at 5:30 an to get ready for standing in line at an estate sale (my picker nemesis beat me here! I’m number 5). This is something I’ve NEVER done before but felt like I should try it once. Pro pickers do it, and I’m gonna be a pro, by god! Since I quit my job! Hallelujah! The hubs is being very supportive. I turned in my two weeks notice on the 17th, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ll be running the shop at full capacity so keep an eye out for new listings soon. As you know, there will be A LOT. That being said, onto the picks!



Was lucky enough to find two pieces of Lalique (the large wheat Ceres bowl and the swan dish), labeled Murano glass candies, a ship’s prism, and the large Iittala Kuusi vase in the rare rectangle shape (already gone).



The gold bowl on the left is Japanese. I love the shell creamer (Bayreuth). The mustard jar is Quimper, the Peanuts dishes 1960s English, and the cobalt vase Austrian.




Opposite ends of the design spectrum, fun little Mexican prints and an antique miniature portrait of Napoleon, oil on wood.




Managed to find nautilus shells at two different estate sales. The Neiman Marcus shell below is actually a tape measurer (already gone).



I RARELY get to estate sales before noon. I hate the crowds and I hate waiting in line. On Saturday they were having an estate sale for a former dealer out in Dripping Springs, a bit of a drive for me. I wasn’t going to go until I spotted this bag in one of the pics. If it was a Roberta di Camerino like I suspected, then I needed to go early. I dragged myself out of bed and got there an hour early. Totally worth it since my hunch was right. The bag is very clean and has the original Neiman Marcus price tag. The strap needs a few stitches but otherwise it’s good to go!



At the same Dripping Springs sale I got this tasty collection of silver: 1970s James Avery Alpha Omega pendant, Sigi Sigfredo Pineda Taxco silver and ebony tie bar and cuff link set, and sterling Taxco cocktail forks.



Micro Dala horse (gone), mini Norwegian pewter Viking ship, and fun novelty nut cracker.

Until next time!


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