Thrift Picks, Week of 6/23/13

Howdy, folks! Hope everyone is having a great Fourth of July, no matter where you are. I’m enjoying a much needed four day weekend which will hopefully be filled with naps, cleaning, picking, and listing in no particular order. Highlights of last week include buying a fancy new washer / dryer set for our Anniversary on Tuesday (3 years on the 25th and we bought the Maytag Bravos XL, which I love nearly as much as the hubs) and a surprise super sale at Laami Auction house in Burnet, Texas, where treasures were selling for fractions of pennies on the dollar! I was in heaven.

Sunday started with me managing to snag some decent goodies at a local artist’s estate sale despite my picking nemesis being first in line at the door. Have I mentioned I refuse to wait in lines at estate sales?

From the artist’s estate: staved teak cutting board (likely Scandi based on the rest of the teak in the house), a massive and stunning (if I do say so myself) artist signed batik, and a huge Heath bowl (my first find in Austin, the Heath desert).

After beating off the swarm of pickers at the estate sale (OMG, it’s Sunday people!) I picked up Cecile of Roosta Vintage and this happened in Burnet!


We got to the warehouse sale at Laami Auctions at 12:30. The place was open but nearly empty and we had a picking field day! They had tons of awesome stuff. I can only imaging what they had Friday and Saturday, it will haunt my dreams. Anyway, we got lots of stuff AND free bottled water. Before we left I heard the owner say they were planning another sale in a few weeks. OMG, do NOT toy with my emotions, auction man! The Burnet finds are sprinkled throughout the pics below.




The Arabia Finland pitcher and brown/cream Takahashi bowl were Saturday 8:59 pm Hail Mary Pass finds. The painted crackle tray is Dahl Jensen Danish porcelain. The chicken plate is early Emma Bridgewater Nursery Rhyme ware from England (does very well on eBay). The mystery cobalt vase has definite age and reads, “Hold fast to that which is good”. All of the items in the second pic were from the Laami sale. The floral plate is a Santa Anita Flowers of Hawaii piece, the bird plates are Italian, cup and saucer early Spode (love the Flemish Green).


The green glass vase is an early studio piece by Roger Vines (estate find) and everything else came from Laami auctions. The glasses are Carl Erickson, the frosted glass dish is Virginia Evans Imperial Cathay (which I chipped! >:| ), and the BIG Carlsberg ashtray is vintage French milk glass (cool enough to override my ashtray ban).




The lamp and enameled sterling polar bear dish both came from Laami. The dish is Norwegian, by Thune. The early Dansk Quistgaard brass candlesticks were also found in Burnet. The Ben Seibel Jenfred Ware piggy bank was found in Round Rock and purchased from a vintage toy expert who had been featured on the Travel Channel. That’s cute. The silver-plate and rosewood candle holder is a later German piece by Carl Deffner. The Dansk candlesticks and Seibel piggy bank are already listed on the shop.




This surprisingly modern looking sculpture is a plaster cast of an original Cycladic bust in the Louvre that dates from 2700-2300 BC (Aegean Keros culture). THIS bust likely dates from the 1970s and was produced by the Louvre in their casting studio. Louvre casts are made for other museums for displays but were also purchased as pricey souvenirs.


Framed Yeats quote and a 1970 David Lance Goines recipe litho.






Also picked up at Laami was this very convincing pastel copy of a painting by artist Nura Woodson Ulreich and a first edition copy of Nura’s Children Go Visiting. The book, published in 1943, has seen better days but the artwork inside is phenomenal, all lithographs. I’m holding onto the pastel and book for now for possible baby nursery decor.

And no, I am NOT pregnant (yet).


3 thoughts on “Thrift Picks, Week of 6/23/13

  1. I would hold onto the book too. Beautiful. What a great week. You have me salivating over here. I am going to check some antique stores tomorrow to see if I have any luck.

  2. Love that bust. That would be a keeper for me (at least for a little while). Love the piggy too. Still looking forward to finding my first Jenfred. Great finds, the auction sounded like lots of fun.

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