Thrift Picks, Week of 6/16/13

Howdy, folks! A little late in writing this due to some awesome picking in Burnet on Sunday which will be covered in next week’s entry. This last week was most notable for my seven day old brand new crown BREAKING while I was eating a soft piece of pizza. Luckily I got last Wednesday off for Juneteenth, a Texas state holiday, so I went on yet ANOTHER Dental Thriftbreak before spending 3 hours at the dentist with one entire hour devoted to them trying to get the crown out. I really like my dentist but am starting to think of defecting elsewhere.

I think the karmic thrifting powers that be felt sorry for me over the crown fiasco, which explains this weeks awesome finds, especially in the art department. So, without further adieu, onto the picks!






Was thrilled to find a set of four Taylor & Ng mugs (with the early Japan stamp on the base). The fern cups are Fitz & Floyd, not my usual pick by they’re so pretty. The periwinkle pottery dish is my first Vivika + Otto Heino find! Just about freaked when I saw the base and I LOVE the color. The hand raku vase is by Texas artist Fraser Harris. The pottery jar with trees is Italian and sold at Sears in the 70s for $80. Wish they still sold pottery like this. The gold bowl was a surprise dental thriftbreak find. I thought it was brass when I saw it in the shop but it’s studio pottery. It is very well made, artist signed, and measures a whopping 17 inches across.



The Riihimaen Stromboli vase is chipped but needed to be rescued. It is already on the shop and priced accordingly. And who doesn’t like Mr. Bill?



Was super excited to find these guys on my dental thriftbreak. Both carvings are very well done. The frog is already on the shop.


The mask is Indonesian, hand painted and artist signed. The teak fish bowl is unmarked but very well made.


These killer candlesticks were picked up in an estate sale in San Antonio. I learned a valuable lesson there, don’t bother going if you don’t have Thursday or Friday off. Apparently no one in that town has a job. Anyway, I was lucky enough to stumble across these at half off on Saturday. They are extremely heavy and solid, unmarked. The guy running the sale told me they are Danish Modern. Ha, that’s cute. These are totally machine age Weimar period bronze hotness (originally thought they were brass but they seem bronze with the reddish hue). Either German or Austrian, unsigned but still amazing. (FYI, if your treasure does not have the country of origin on it, it likely dates from the 20s or earlier.)


The butterfly watercolor looks new but was framed in the 50s. The London Underground poster is from 1991 and is extremely rare. It was commissioned by the London’s Art on the Underground poster initiative as a means of beautifying the subway and giving corporate sponsorship to artists. The poster campaign ran from 1986 to 2000.

Was thrilled to find these Japanese woodblocks. The stamp on the back of the frames dated them to at least the 1950s so I grabbed them, brought them home, and took one out of the frame to confirm age since they’re under matte glass. These woodblocks are panels 2 and 3 of a Triptych battle scene by Japanese artist Utigawa Kuniyoshi and likely date to the 1830s.




Last Friday after work I decided to go to this pathetic thrift shop by the office. I rarely find anything worth glancing at, let alone buying. I headed to the back room with housewares and found this JAW DROPPER hidden in a corner. I immediately bought it and BARELY got it into my Mazda 3. Did some research and found out it’s a Nathdwara Pichwai (wall hanging painting). The painting shows Krishna surrounded by gopis (milkmaids) and Nandi bulls. The painting likely dates prior to 1950.

Until next time…


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