Thrift Picks, Week of 6/9/13

Howdy, folks! This week was relatively uneventful with minimal picking due to afterwork post office trips but the quality of the items made up for the minimal shopping trips. The hubs will be out of town for the next three days meeting with NASA (I love saying that) so I’m sure I will be making up for lost time with frequent thrift store trips this week. In the meantime, onto the picks!

Dental Picks:

I’ve created a new genre of picking, the dental pick. I’ve had three dental visits in the past two months and the first two yielded awesome finds; Kenji Fujita Freeman Lederman bowls and a very early Quistgaard 1950s Dansk pepper mill. This last Tuesday I was back at the dentist and picked up these otagiri mugs (I NEVER buy otagiri due to personal taste but these are particularly cool). I also got SIX of the triangular Nambe candlesticks.

Yesterday, Saturday, I made my first trip to Belton with Cecile of Roosta Vintage for their citywide garage sale in this badass dome!


After Belton we went back through Salado and found some great stuff after I schooled some incredibly snotty dealers who were stalking us in their store on antique Salviati glass and shitty Chinese Murano knockoffs. Needless to say, a fun time was had by all.


The two sizzling hot Murano geodes came from Belton CWGS. The uranium one on the left is likely Cenedese based on the color combo. I rarely buy ashtrays but the asymmetrical blue green geode on the right was a no brainer and a rare shape. The rooster is Kosta Boda, the pink and teal apple is Strombergshyttan.



Easily the best finds of the weekend were the two Freeman Lederman bird cruets; the yellow beaked is Kenji Fujita, the brown beaked LaGardo Tackett. The unusual gray creamer is German and was too cool to pass up. The statuette is Diana, designed by Pauline Shone for Spode. The 19th century jasper ware cup is also Spode. The tiny box is hand painted Limoges (these do very well on eBay) and the orange tray is West German.



The gorgeous enamel tray is Austrian, Steinbock Email and highly reminiscent of Bjorn Wiinblad designs. The candlestick is Nambe.




Silk twill Christian Dior and a super funky 1969 moon landing scarf.




The photo on the left is likely from the 1940s (detail of a church in Compostela) and was too pretty to pass up. The Japanese woodblock on the right is by the famous 19th century printer Utagawa Hiroshige, titled Great Bridge, Sudden Shower at Atake, it dates to the 1850s.

Until next time…



3 thoughts on “Thrift Picks, Week of 6/9/13

  1. thanks, i take that as a real compliment coming from you. come on down, sabine vintage is already here 😉 assuming my dentist is crappy because of my frequent visits? i can’t decide yet if she’s bad or if it’s just a fluke that i have to keep going in. like i had to get a crown for a fractured tooth that recently had a filling. was the fracture from the drilling or from me grinding my teeth? i like her a lot as a person so i haven’t thought of changing yet. i went about 15 years without dental insurance so i’ve been getting work done that was long overdue, obviously not the dentist’s fault, so i’ve been conflicted as to whether or not she’s actually good.

    • My dentist is the same way. I think they are careful about the whole. Fixing the immediate problem but preventing other things from happening. Or so I think???
      Have a great thriftbreak with Maria!

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