Thrift Picks, Week of 5/26/13

Howdy, folks! Last week was a rough one. My shop assistant, Rowdy Cat, had a blocked urethra requiring 3 days of veterinarian care. This is the second cat I’ve had with the condition (which isn’t THAT common, only about 1%, WTH?!). He seems alright now but we’re not out of the woods yet as he runs a risk of re-blocking. The vet said the cause was likely a combination of anxiety and diet. He’s now on a very expensive Rx food, amino acid supplements (which I too take and love), and the house is literally pumped full of calming synthetic kitty pheromones. (This last week also wasn’t cheap.) The office gig was equally rough with a logjam of backed up work due to Memorial Day off exacerbated by the kitty crisis which cost me nearly another full day of missed work. Picking, of course, was at a bare minimum but I still managed to find some goodies (despite crappy estate sales).

Here’s some pics of sicky Rowdy Cat because he’s so cute:

On his way to the overnight clinic, IV and catheter in place.


Rowdy plotting revenge.


1st night home recuperating.


Nearly back to normal by Saturday (yesterday).

Enough cat pics, onto the thrift picks…

Love the heavy plastic Bloomingdales bag, perfect for shopping or the beach / pool. The MCM magazine rack is fairly large, heavy, and substantial.


Favorites of this lot include the large studio pottery sculpture (signed Vance), the Alessi corkscrew, the large Hadeland glass vase to the right, and the charming 1982 Copenhagen needlepoint mounted on linen. Also included is Bing & Grondahl tray, Danish bud vase, McCoy planter (orange), St. Andrews Abbey St. Patrick plaque, Ronneby Swedish hedgehog, and a really cute Chinese lacquered bird box.

Here’s a close up of the needlepoint:


Love it! Until next time…


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