O to the M to the G! ACL, I LOVE YOU!

This blog post has literally nothing to do with vintage goodies, or not vintage goodies I can sell. I used to be hardcore into live music and as I slowly slip into my mid 30s and 3rd year of marriage my hipness is on the decline FAST. When my husband and I started dating in 2007 we literally went to at least 4 shows a week. Despite the fewer trips downtown for live music we’ve ALWAYS gone to Austin City Limits music festival every year without fail (my husband since 2005, myself since 2006) even when the line up sucks. Here’s a screenshot of the hubs and I getting interviewed about the shitty lineup in 2010 with the local Fox station:


Then 2012 happened. The line up was LAME (granted, everyone bitches about the lineup), but last year it was crappy enough and I was overwhelmed enough after the move and the hubs’s upcoming departure to Antarctica that we ended up not going. I felt like it was the end of an era. Last year, the day the hubs did leave for Antarctica, 11/1/12, I bought early passes for this upcoming 2013 ACL with the stipulation that I would NEVER buy early passes again if the lineup sucked as bad as last year and then THIS HAPPENED:

O to the M to the G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Depeche Mode AND The Cure on the same line up? HOLY F#CKING SHIT! Basically ALL I listened to in high school was vintage 80s British pop and synth pop. Depeche Mode and The Cure on the same lineup is like a dream come true. I’ve been beaming ear to ear for the past two days since the lineup was released. Add to that list Atoms for Peace (Thom York, OMG!), Black Angels and White Denim (two of my favorite local bands), Divine Fits (I’m also obsessed with Spoon), Arctic Monkeys (OMG!), Tame Impala (they are awesome live and are the band doing the badass song in that video clip), Local Natives, Neko Case, and Franz Ferdinand and you’ve got an ecstatic Laura.

If the hubs and I join the realm of the baby-ed by next year like we plan, then this will likely be my last ACL for quite some time, and I can’t imagine a more fitting close than Depeche Mode (also the first concert I ever went to when I was 14 for their Devotional Tour in Dallas nearly 20 years ago).

In the meantime, I spent last Monday night in Indie pop hipster glory at the of Montreal show at Mohawk. I was too sick to see them when they were here last November and was thrilled they came back so soon. This is my 7th of Montreal show. Best live shows EVER!


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