Thrift Picks, Week of 4/28/13

Howdy, folks! This week has been pretty great. The day job has been bearable and I started a vegetarian / no sweets/alcohol diet week before last and I feel great and have shrunk slightly. I also had a few big sales including the Barovier & Toso lamp from last week’s post (though I’m dreading the packing and shipping tomorrow). Tomorrow night is the Of Montreal show at the Mohawk which should set a funky fantastical tone for the rest of the week. Picking last week, especially at thrift stores, was at a minimum but the estate sales yesterday more than made up for the slim pickings earlier in the week. Unfortunately I want to keep many of my best finds. On to the picks!


Glass picks were at a bare minimum this week though not for lack of trying. I bought the red vase / objet on the right to go with the taller orange one I already had on the left to sell as a set. These vases were produced by Carlo Moretti for Rosenthal Netter in his famous statinato technique.



The avant garde glass bud vase on the top right was the only other glass purchase. I’m still trying to decipher the signature. It and the other three things came out of one of the coolest houses I’ve ever seen in Austin. The jade and geode sculpture is Canadian and very well done. The bear is signed and fits onto the geode cave on a little hidden brass peg. The two books, to be alive!, were made to accompany the release of the 1964 short documentary of the same name. The film documents the common ground between different cultures. The photography and text in the book are so sweet! One will go in the shop and I’ll keep the other.



Cool mystery centerpiece bowl, love the orange and green.

Faïence de Tours Cannes coat of arms plate by Gustave Asch (pre-war), a Haviland Limoges floral dish, and an Arabia Finland dish.


The best ceramic find by far is this little Greek Revival Staffordshire cruet by Davenport Banks & Co. It dates to the early 1800s. Gorgeous!



Mounted butterfly, Italian hammered brass ewer by Egidio Casagrande (that I really want to keep), a set of four seasons Mebel trays decorated with paintings by French primitive artist Michel Delacroix (still can’t believe I got to own and sell one of his paintings!), and cool burl wood box.



I’m partial to Le Creuset, especially early 1930s turquoise Le Creuset. I bought this pot as a decorator piece since it is cracked. The enamel is in great condition however and the color is so pretty.


Spinach green jade bangle

Now on to the good stuff! Art:

Signed and numbered etching of an owl by Rosa Ballester.






So I went to an estate sale in the Arboretum area expecting to be underwhelmed. I walk in and immediately to the left of the entry way, the first thing I see is the signed and numbered Raoul Dufy etching. I do a double take, try to keep a straight face, and ask a worker to hold it for me. I make a B-line for the dining room and immediately spot the Edouard Manet etching. I pick it up, flip it over to read the label on the back, and add it to my hold pile. In literally less than a minute I found a Raoul Dufy and an Edouard Manet. This sale started on FRIDAY at 10am, I got there at 11am on Saturday. This tells me a few mind boggling things: 1. DO NOT hire DownSizing Estates to sell your shit since they know nothing about art and do NO RESEARCH (unless it’s Russel Wright, which I could frankly care less about), 2. Literally dozens if not hundreds of art illiterate Austinites went to this sale and completely passed on these two pieces of art (I’d assume the cat would have sold just because it was pretty and a cat), 3. I can safely assume at least 1/5 of the customers at the sale before me were professional resellers which means they suck as well, 4. In this one scenario at least, I don’t suck. Needless to say, I want to keep both etchings.

P.S. Guess I’m keeping the cat 😉



2 thoughts on “Thrift Picks, Week of 4/28/13

    • Yeah, kinda glad they sucked 😉 the Ballester print was hung in a weird area of the shop where I found it, likely why it hadn’t sold. It’s super cute but I have no place to put it. Having to dump a painting to hang the Manet kitty, just added it to the blog as a post script.

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