Thrift Picks, Week of 4/21/13

Howdy, Folks! Another week’s gone by and that means it’s wrap up time. On the day job work front, things are vaguely tolerable for the present, just the normal sex scandals that run rampant at any state agency. (Really, people?!) In other news I’ve decided to go vaguely vegetarian for dietary reasons, cutting out most meats and dairy to cut calories and only having seafood, which is lower in fat. I’ve also cut out most sugar including alcohol and chocolate (I have eaten chocolate every day for at least the last three years so that’s a REALLY big deal). This also means stopping most of my fancy coffee shop trips. Wonder how much money I’ll save. I must admit I’ve been feeling pretty good the last few days.

Regarding my picks, this week was kind of exciting due to the grand opening of a new Savers down the road and a pretty awesome estate sale yesterday. The estate sale was for a woman related to president James Buchanan, you know, the gay one. They marketed it as “A Presidential Sale”. Ha, I wouldn’t go THAT far but I did find some amazing things and was very glad I forced myself to get up and go. Now onto the picks!



I LOVE that killer piecework pottery piece, it and the sassy yellow statuette came from the Savers grand opening. The antique English Motto ware tobacco jar and kewpies (marketed as “psycho babies”, seriously, you cant make this shit up) came from the “presidential sale”.


The large Winslow Anderson Blenko pitcher was a surprise find at the Savers grand opening. It’s always pleasant to find earlier “historical” Blenko. The two cocktail tumblers are signed and date 1971 and have a really weird stock market theme / Animal Farm vibe.



Objects: a funky gourd animal, a Brazilian rosewood and agate box, an Art Deco Italian marble box, faux scrimshaw from England, an astrology paperweight, and a Mexican tin box with fish.




Scarves: I was thrilled to find the early Pierre Cardin scarf, the Anne Klein avd Ostinelli ones are great colors.

Massive Nambe tray from the Savers, the size and price made up for the scratches.

I love the subtle Asian shape to this porcelain lamp, very classy with the green and gold.






The two best finds of the week by far are the Curtis Jere ballerina sculpture and the Barovier and Toso Murano glass lamp from the “presidential” sale. The ballerina leans a bit on her base but she, the actual bronze sculpture, is immaculate, and the scratched up base just needs a little TLC. The lamp was spotted on my way out of the sale. I did a double take when I noticed it under the ugliest lamp shade I’ve ever seen, umbrella shaped brown and cream check. The shade likely kept other buyers from noticing the lovely glass underneath.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Thrift Picks, Week of 4/21/13

    • Thanks. When I said I wanted it and started to take the shade off a worker asked if I knew what it was, my response, yes, Murano. She seemed rather put out that I was buying it after that. She’s all, “oh…”, and I said, “yep, thanks, bye!” Ironically I have a bunch of crappy target and ikea lamps in my house. I’m sure the lamp was still there because of the shade, I should have taken the shade too just to get a picture of it. It was incredibly heinous.

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