Thrift Picks, Week of 4/14/13

Hello, blogosphere! Last week was great thanks to two days of much needed vacation Thursday and Friday for spring cleaning / sleeping with some truly super picks along the way. So without further ado…


Assuming these are Blenko, love the peach color

Very cool mid-century serving tray

Empoli decanter minus the stopper, still looks great as a vase

Rare Dorothy Thorpe sand carved glass box

Scandinavian glass: Lars Hellsten for Skruf Gkass, large Bergdala glass troll, cool MCM attenuated bottle vase with polished base, and large vase similar to brutalist designs by Oy Kumela glass


Copper Arabic tray and steel Swedish candleholders by Gensa

Huge SaschaB Brastoff wall plaque / charger, 14 inches in diameter!


Vintage eggshell lacquer vase (Vietnam) and sterling silver and enamel birds (China)


Italian majolica portrait plate, Jorge Wilmot quail, and a very cool biomorphic studio pottery jar

Ceramic beads, look Navajo


I was THRILLED TO PIECES to find these incredibly rare footed dishes by Kenji Fujita for Freeman Lederman at Goodwill after Monday’s dentis visit.

Then I promptly broke one in the sink! Fuck!!!

The odd set of three photographed very well and sold in a matter of hours but I was still bummed about the fourth plate.

I also got this mystery Hall child’s dish with the Kenji Fujita. I have not been able to find any info on this plate after exhaustive googling.

Miro mug, Guzzini lucite salt and paper shakers, and a fun Maruhon Ware pitcher.

The best finds of the week, possibly the year, so far are these Ferris Shacknove wire lamps. I just about fainted when I saw them! They look amazing, are a great size, and should be easy to ship.

In other news, we saw A Place Beyond The Pines last night, the new Ryan Gosling / Bradley Cooper crime drama. It was very long and very lame.


4 thoughts on “Thrift Picks, Week of 4/14/13

  1. thanks, i think texas has really good picking due to old oil money and lots of military bases. while i was getting the pottery jar and wilmot quail my friend at the same shop found a bjorn wiinblad rosenthal bowl and an amazing limoges dish with bugs. i was a little jealous 😉

  2. I found two of the Bergdala trolls a couple of weeks ago in Missouri. I did not know who made them as they didn’t have any stickers – I thought maybe DAS Designs (Don Shepherd of Blenko) as I found a glass owl that was definitely part of that line but I couldn’t find any pictures in the line of the “trolls”. I’m so glad I read your blog today as now I know that I have Bergdala trolls. Thanks so much!

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