The (kinda) Great Oxiclean Experiment

Hey, everyone! This will just be a little late night entry about my kinda great Oxiclean experiment. A few months ago I found a large Kaj Franck ceramic pitcher in some pretty bad shape. It was decorated in Franck’s rare standing blue cat design but this kitty was pretty dirty. Due to the size and rarity I bought it after users of the twitter #thriftbreak feed (is that the proper term?) said the ceramic could be cleaned with Oxiclean or high concentrate peroxide. Oxiclean sounded safer and easier, so I went that route. Here’s the kitty in the store:

Kitty was looking pretty rough! So I decided to give him an Oxiclean bath. I went about it super scientific-y, i.e. I just used a shitload of Oxiclean.

Only one side of the pitcher was stained, so I just kept the dirty side submerged in the suds for a full two weeks, changing out the detergent about every other day. I wish I had gotten a photo right after I started the bath. The ceramic under the crazed glaze started bleaching from the cracks out, it looked really neat.

Here’s the kitty after two weeks of soaking:

Much better than before, though I suspect peroxide would have been more effective. Interestingly, after I took it out of the bath to dry more dirt worked its way out from under the glaze and left a dark grainy residue.


And here are the end results, the first pic is the unstained side:




Not perfect but definitely a significant improvement. I’ll give Oxiclean a solid B+.
I have the next two days off to organize my office and clean the house before our weekend paleontologist guest arrives. Plotting Friday morning garage sale-ing!


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