Thrift Picks, Week of 4/7/13

Last week was rather Ho-Hum. The nearly brand new dryer we got for free from a friend died so the house is covered in drying clothes and looks kind of like a shantytown. The husband is working nonstop on a science proposal so he’s been MIA most of the week, hence the dryer still being dead. Add to this misery me giving up alcohol for dietary reasons and you get a grumpy Laura. I THRIVE on margaritas. The Ho-Hum theme seemed to carry over into my picking this week. I found great stuff but I just didn’t feel like I was on top of my game. On to the picks…

Ceramics: Studio pottery x 3, a Raymond Loewy Form 2000 vase for Rosenthal Studio Linie, and a Royal Haeger hippo planter that was too cute to pass up.

Glass: Antique Czechoslovakian glass duck decanter, a sarcastic Houze Art glass dish, and a Blenko ribbon bowl.

Metallics: a very cool brass box constructed like an antique wooden hat box, complete with rivets, and a Frederick Weinberg style sculpture.



Wood: a very cute collection of wooden tomatoes with leather leaves, a Jan Barboglio Mexican cross, and a very pretty antique Chinese carved wooden panel. The panel was a surprise garage sale find yesterday, covered in dust and cobwebs. The fruit, what I believe to be peaches, was broken off and expertly repaired with wood filler at some point. I think the birds are supposed to be magpies. In Chinese symbology peaches represent weddings and magpies, joy. The carving is exquisite. I’m assuming the wood is rosewood or mahogany.

In an attempt to get the backlog of Temple of Vintage shop inventory under control I have started listing new items daily, including some of the items featured in this entry. Feel free to pop in.


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