Thrift Picks, Week of 3/31/13

Howdy from Austin / the blogosphere! Little late in posting this blog, but better late than never. Picking trips last week were at a minimum due to me moving into a new office at my day job and after work post office trips. Now I have a spacious new cubicle by a window at work! (Allegedly an enviable work space, ha, that’s cute.) I did manage to find a few tasty bits including some firsts for the shop so on to the picks!

A 1970s-early 80s Panasonic pencil sharpener in perfect working order, as you can see by the shavings 😉


Picked up this set of vintage Vony tea towels from France. I LOVE Vony towels, their designs and colors are amazing (beats Vera any day of the week, sorry).

My only glass find this week was the massive Carlo Moretti cases glass jar in lovely sky blue, so I won’t complain. Other bits include the bizarre avant garde studio pottery cups and a gold leaf Ankh sculpture.







Art finds: the artist proof rooster is very pretty and slightly edgy. By default I nearly always by anything copper or horse related so the plaque was a no brainier. The lovely oil pastel of apples is by a mid century San Antonio artist I am trying to hunt down since I forgot his name.

Likely the biggest surprise of all was my 4:15pm trip on Saturday to an estate sale down the road that I had written off due to their lame ad in I was afraid they’d be closed but they weren’t. The workers were frustratingly inept and other shoppers there more than tried my patience but I managed to get quite the nice little haul including my first piece of Howard Pierce, Taylor & Ng, a large Figa fist, a Florence Leather School compact, and an amazing etching.


The tooled Italian leather compact is GORGEOUS!


The etching is an artist proof by Mexican artist Vicente Gandia, signed and inscribed “Ilustracion sobre un libro de Ted Fagan”. Ted Fagan was an Argentine UN translator and writer. His writings and art collection are now held at Stanford University and the collection includes two of these etchings. I don’t know how many were in the edition or how many artist proofs of this image are floating around, I suspect very few if any. The image is dreamy and somber, so cool. The periwinkle matting and frame are great too. Luckily I have no place to put it so the parting will be easier.


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