Thrift Picks, Week of 3/17/13

Howdy, folks! Hope your week went well. I’m STILL getting over the cough I’ve had for a week now which unfortunately culminated in only 4 hours total of sick leave taken. The oak is busting my ass this year! In other news, the ‘gubment’ day job was more bearable this week with minimal drama, I knocked out my little sword of Damocles quarterly state sales taxes ONLINE for the fist time, and I had a great week in sales. Due to my illness thrifting was at a minimum but thanks to the largesse of those few picking trips, this week managed to be very fruitful nonetheless. On to the picks!




An hour before my favorite estate sale outlet was due to close I drug myself out of the house because I NEVER miss one of their sales. Luckily I was rewarded for my efforts with the gorgeous and mysterious copper pitcher / flagon, which is unfortunately unmarked. The Wren London mug is adorable and I broke my “no brooch” rule for this stunner by Symmetalic.






Art: Picked up the butterfly because I thought it would look cute in a girl’s room and do well on Etsy. The Alphonse Mucha plaque is massive and has a few condition issues but was too cool to pass up, it’s hung by my china cabinet and Eames ottoman for scale. The bird naturalist plates were picked up at an estate sale. I’m a sucker for these things and I love the handwritten notes on both of them, though I can’t make out the language. They’ll have to be taken out of the frame for further investigation. The kissing geese fluid acrylic painting is by Santa Fe artist Diane Moon and one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.





Ceramics: my first Japanese tea set, Acoma pottery piggy bank, lovely teal and gold plates by Schumann Auzberg, a killer studio pottery bowl and tray set, and a very fun Japanese goldfish vase (artist signed at base).


Glass: scored my first Holmegaard gulvase! You can see left over goo from the round label at the base. The crane dish and squirrel are both unmarked but were too cute to pass up. The lynx glass piece is by Swedish glass artist Mats Jonasson. The attention to detail in his work is astounding.

Misc: 4 Aarikka Finland candle holders in gold, a little folding Chinese silk screen, an unusual bronze twig sculpture that I think would be great for displaying jewelry, 2 Mexican pewter frames (check out that pic!). Funny story on the Soehnle wall scale; I went to an estate sale yesterday an hour after it was supposed to end and the sellers let me peak around. I ripped the scale off the wall and said, “I want this”. They looked shocked but gave in to my demands, ha!


Scored my first Pendleton blanket, a Beaver State shawl, for a steal. There is some moth damage to the blanket and fringe but it was clean so I decided to go for it. It will be selling very cheap on the shop.

At the same estate sale where I ripped the scale off the wall I got this lot of jazz records, a first for me, based on the awesome cover designs (some by Charles Murphy) I plan on selling them as a lot.

Jewelry: sterling cross, Navajo sterling and shell necklace, and unusual studio pottery beads.

Honorable mentions from this weekend include the following:

Texas Bluebonnets on the way to a sale in Bastrop.

Verner Panton Speakers!

The one that got away, a gorgeous embroidery piece I regretfully passed up.

Cecile of Roosta Vintage playing with her Star Trek Generations dolls.
Big plans for next weekend! The new state commissioner for my agency is giving us Good Friday off and Cecile and I are planning a two day trip to Round Top and Carmine for one of the biggest Antique fairs on the planet. We know a dealer there who will hopefully give us some advice regarding navigating the maze. Afraid there might be mostly overpriced stuff but hopefully I won’t come home empty handed. No picking til Friday, hope I can stick to it.


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