From Feast to Famine, Thrift Picks 3/3/13

Last week was an epic picking adventure with seemingly nothing but highs, this week was more like a boring infomercial in a foreign language. Stops to many of my favorite haunts this week yielded NOTHING! Surely not all the hipsters in town for SXSW are out picking, are they? As a result of my crappy week and allergy induced grumpiness, I was left in a picking quandary. Where to go next? I finally settled on Georgetown and then west to Burnet (my first time) resulting in a 5 hour road trip. Interesting highlights of the trip include the dirtiest thrift store in Texas (Bertram) and me turning in a creepy guy scoping out the Burnet HEB grocery store with binoculars from the back of the lot. Here are the fruits of my efforts:

German porcelain finds: 5 very cool modern art coasters by Hutschenreuther for Lufthansa Airlines, a 1960s Edelstein plate of Berlin’s Europa Center, and an early Bjorn Wiinblad silhouette plate for Rosenthal Studio Line.

A pair of funky English mugs (love the Kliban flying cat).


A pair of Kokeshi dolls. The one on the right is older, signed, and definitely nicer than the larger one. I need to do more research on these guys.

Blenko glass foot bowl.

A gilt sterling silver rams head bypass ring, likely Greek.

Art: framed Berggren tile, a tiny original lemon painting, and a super cute and charming House of Art print (1940s) of a youth with a feathered cap. House of Art also produced the highly valuable and collectible Maxfield Parrish prints of the 1920s.

I will unfortunately be too busy with tax work and SXSW next weekend to post any new listings to the shop for at least another week. Procrastination and playing hookie, story of my life.


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