Thrift Picks, Week of 2/24/13

Hey pals, another week of great vintage picks counter-balanced with a horrible week at work, tears included. My 4 month performance evaluation last Monday was a near mind-boggling symphony of contradictions. I’m still dizzy! Hmm, I wonder if karma is playing a role in my finds and if my picks will suck when I leave my job with the state. My life is starting to feel like one huge oxymoron, but I digress…. On to the picks!

Accessories: Quilted leather Judith Leiber handbag, large early 80s Salvatore Ferragamo scarf (floral duck), and a Liberty of London silk scarf in chic burgundy and teal.


I found an unexpected estate sale yesterday which I figured would be a total crapfest but yielded me some much needed new jewelry inventory for Temple of Vintage.
The top pic has the bead finds including 2 Flapper necklaces. The faceted jet beads are 48 inches in length and from Austria. The longer mother of pearl chain is EIGHT FEET LONG!! The topaz ring is 1950s Taxco, signed Faus R.


Very funky bronze peacock sculpture, possibly a large bookend given its angled position. I haven’t been able to find any info on this chickadee, if you know what it is, I’d love to hear from you.

Glass: the votive is orrefors, the white vase is possibly Italian or Scandinavian, the smoked glass vase is likely Scandinavian.

Just for fun and curiosity, an antique glass bottle. Homework will be required for this one.

Picked up this huge framed poster of the 1960s Sierra Club book On The Loose for possible 2013 City Wide Garage Sale endeavors.


Picked up this mystery wall plaque just because it’s large, attractive, and versatile. It is made by Pompeii out of Chico, California. I haven’t been able to find any info on the maker, unfortunately. If you know about Pompeii wall plaques, I’d love to hear from you.

Large wooden wall mask, signed and in excellent condition, assuming African though the wood looks more Asian to me.

One of my favorite finds so far this year are these framed Mid Century dolls in traditional Spanish dress. They were sold at Joskes in Houston in the 1950s, a high end department store. I think they’d look great in a girl’s room, well actually, any room. The palm tree lithograph is from the 1920s or 30s.

Super cute 10 piece tonala nativity set


Italian Majolica coat of arms plate and porcelain Chinese girl musicians. Attached is the mystery mark on the plate. Lucia something?

Pottery from left to right: a modernist Pueblo bowl set with a raw turquoise (might be a keeper), signed closed form vase, Takahashi porcelain bucket, Italian leather bottom dish, studio fish pot, studio ikebana vase, and very weird open form studio pot with butterflies that I think is Art Deco. As stated above, if you know more about these items I’d love to hear from you.

The interior of the fish pot is also decorated, so cool!

And my best find of the week is this very rare studio Bitossi canister. I consulted with the Bitossi enthusiasts, experts, and collectors on the Bitossi Facebook page and they all agree it’s a Bitossi. The incised triangle design is included in the 2008 re-editions line by Bitossi. Unfortunately one of the two side handles has been repaired but due to rarity shouldn’t effect the value too much. As with most Bitosso pieces. It’s signed Italy with a serial number.

I’m running out of storage space 😐


One thought on “Thrift Picks, Week of 2/24/13

  1. Wow, lots and lots of finds! But it is impressive how fast you list your finds! I have lots of room for improvement in that area. So many things I love, but of course the Bitossi is my favorite. So modern and cool.

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