Family Reunion

So today on eBay I sold a lovely piece of rare, early Lotte Bostlund pottery, a dish carved with a very cool Mod Pegasus. I knew the dish was special when I found it, I had to have it for the shop. (Plus I feel compelled to “rescue” things I love.) Well I got an email from the buyer today, she was very excited to find it since she is Lotte Bostlund’s daughter! So cool! The dish was made when she was only a year old. My eyes got a little misty reading her email, I was so happy she found it! It was a tad hard to part with such an amazing piece of mid century pottery hotness, but it’s going back home, so I’m really glad I listed it.

Here’s some info on this amazing ceramic artist: Lotte and the Bostlund family immigrated from Denmark to Canada in 1952. Lotte, the matriarch, trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Danish School for Arts and Crafts, her husband Gunnar was a ceramic engineer. After they moved to Canada they started producing decorative ceramics and later became famous for their modernist lamps, the first produced in 1956. Lotte ceramics were sold in upscale shops like Georg Jensen’s in New York City and are still produced today.




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