I haven’t devoted a blog specifically to a pick in a while and thought this weekend’s massive haul worthy of some attention.
It started this past Thursday at my office’s annual “durable goods” sale. I quickly found my coworker these awesome original Constance Depler hounds serigraphs from the 1950s for only $10 !!


I found the same ones, different color, that had an auction estimate of $300 to $500 with Skinner auction house.


I also found a pair of labeled medium Iittala Festivo candlesticks for only $1 !!!!!!


Good signs of things to come for the rest of the weekend. Here’s some pics of he entire haul.



Here’s a list of some of the goodies: Nambe, Iittala candlestick sets x 2, Ben Seibel Jenfredware bookend, Original Mackenzie Childs tiles, woodpecker woodware bowl, Dansk, Carlo Moretti Rosenthal Netter glass, Tonala pottery lamp, Norwegian pewter candelabras, Terracotta pottery bust of child, David Stewart Lion’s Valley pottery, mod tray, 1970s glass and cork jars, signed / numbered 1970s serigraphs x 4, beaded Belgian handbag, and 1940s Whiting & Davis metal mesh handbag.

While out I also picked up the perfect bumper sticker for my car:



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