Painful Passes, Scotland Edition!

So long without blogging but only because I’ve been horrifically busy…

So, in case I haven’t mentioned it before, my mother is married to a Scotsman and they live in Dunbar, Scotland, about 30 miles from the beautiful capital city of Edinburgh. The first time I went to Scotland when I was 17 I swore I’d end up living there but, as fate would have it, my mom has ended up there instead. Luckily I’m married to a generous and remorseful husband who leaves me every winter to go to Antarctica but is willing to buy me a ticket to see my mom every year. So, I went to see my mom, this time over Thanksgiving instead of Christmas so I could actually shop and do touristy stuff. The trip was great, the weather was great (no rain or snow!), and the shopping was UNREAL!!! Needless to say, I did a ton of picking for my shop. Today’s blog is in remembrance of the amazing items I couldn’t bring home with me.

We went to a flea market (car boot sale) immediately after I landed at the airport. This Danish dining set was for sale for a paltry 60 pounds ($95)! And check out that badass red wire folding chair!


We ended up in a town called Coldstream and made a handy wrong turn down a road and found a GREAT junk shop. I bought some Swedish glass and pottery and gawked at the awesome furniture at rock bottom prices. Above is a GORGEOUS Danish modern teak dining table. It was in stellar condition with two hidden leaves underneath and the guy only wanted 90 pounds ($140) but the price was negotiable. By the table was that super cool little cylindrical teak shelf, unmarked but likely less than $50.


Above are two awesome items from the same car boot sale outside Dunbar the following week. The Danish modern teak tea cart was in beautiful condition and only 10 pounds ($16.50!). The super cool atomic wicker and iron end table (pardon my crappy iPhone photo skills) was also a jaw droppingly cheap 10 pounds!!

Soon I will post another blog devoted to a massive junk shop in Scotland that is a must see but will leave you now with a pic of my vintage hoard (4 Aseda bone vases, huge Mdina vase, large wedgwood bowl, iittala signed vase, Tapio Wirkkala paper bag Rosenthal vase, 2 murano bowls, Swedish Bostrum candlesticks, original painting) a pic of my mom and I modeling my new authentic Chanel sunglasses I got at a Bric-a-Brac sale in East Linton for only 38 pounds ($60), and some pics from the trip.




16th century palace at Stirling Castle.

William Wallace monument in Stirling viewed from castle ramparts.

Awesome antique shop in Aberfeldy

5000 year old stone circle, Croft Moraig, outside Alberfeldy



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