I’m quitting school….

…. and I couldn’t be more excited!  YES!

I have a college degree already, a bachelor’s in History, but decided last year, due to hatred of my job, that I should return to school to be a Registered Nurse.  There are just a few problems in that plan however.  1. I hate school.  2. I hate people.  3. Science is hard (hence the history degree).  I pretty much hate my current job, which is stupid since it’s easy, cushy, well paying, and with the government so relatively safe and stable.  I also hated my last job, and the job before that, and the job before that…. So basically I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll probably hate every 9 to 5 job I ever have.  After a talk with my husband (from Antarctica), I’ve decided to quit school, stay at my job at least long enough to milk FMLA and insurance benefits (a few years), pay off my student loans (our only debt!), and think about having a kid in the next year or so.  In the meantime I plan on working as hard as I can to get my Etsy shop as successful as possible, and once I’m comfortable with the profits I’ll leave my job to do that full time.  My husband is super awesome and supportive and totally on board and I’m super excited!

I’ve gotten to do a lot of stuff in my 33 years (as has my husband), traveled all over the world, go out a ton, finally land a steady job that I’ve managed to keep for 4 years, married my best friend and nicest man in the world, and now I feel like we’re ready for a new chapter in our life.  A chapter that involves me not getting to go to Mexican beaches every year (which kinda bums me out, UGH!)

Despite me quitting school, I do plan on finishing out the Anatomy class instead of dropping it, so I guess I’ll go study now.  Lame!


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