The Itch that Must be Scratched!

So my lovely, thoughtful, generous husband bought me two 3 day passes to Fun Fun Fun Fest this year so I could see my favorite band, Spoon, perform their only show in 2011. They played yesterday and were awesome as always, by the way. I gave my friend Aimee the other pass and we were supposed to meet at the park at 12:30. On my way there, however, I got the estate sale itch and I knew my favorite vendor was having a sale right down the road from the freeway. I HAD TO GO, Fun Fun Fun Fest be damned! The main reason I HAD TO GO is because the lady there NEVER prices her stuff correctly. (This is the same person who sold me the Michel Delacroix painting for $45 that I resold for $850.) So I get in there and see this gorgeous picture framed shadowbox style. That’s weird, why would you frame a print that way? Clearly they thought it was a print because it was priced at $15 and another 25% off of that. I pick it up and lean it towards the light and see pigment on the surface. The painting is so fine and well executed it looks like a print. I immediately think of German painted porcelain and buy the picture for 25% off of $15, Ha!!! I dissected the frame last night after the show and confirmed my awesome suspicion! It’s a large hand painted Hutschenreuther Plaque from the late 1800s. These are usually worth $2000 to $5000 in the right auction setting, which is why I’m contacting Christie’s and Sotheby’s tonight for an auction estimate. Here’s a picture of it and the old label on the back. It’s a copy of a painting of Madonna and child by the German painter Bodenhausen and it’s STUNNING!!




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