Finders Keeper, Luxury Edition

Very long time, no write 😦

Things have been obscenely busy on my end with work, school, dental drama, and now my husband’s two month departure for Antarctica this week. At least it’s not four months like last year. He’s a geophysicist with Universtiy of Texas and they go down every winter as long as there’s research money to be had. Here’s a pic of him looking SUPER HOT in a full beard and the US standard issue “Big Red” coat for the ice.

I told him I want him to grow out a beard again for me this winter before I meet up with him in New Zealand at New Years, which is convenient since we’ll stay with his family on the north island. Marrying a foreigner definitely has its perks!

Now on to the the fun stuff! This a luxury edition of Finders Keeper, where I document awesome resale finds I refuse to part with. it’s amazing what can be found for pennies on the dollar out there and once you find one treasure you’ll probably be hooked (like me!).

This first picture is a vintage Burberry hand bag I bought in Scotland last winter. My mom is married to a Scot and lives over there and I go to visit every year and frequent as many “charity shops” as possible. This is an older bag from the 80s or 90s when they still called themselves Burberry’s of London. It’s hard to authenticate older Burberry but all the detailing and workmanship point to it being genuine.


Next is a GORGEOUS lilac Fendi zucchini bag, circa 2008, that I found at my favorite Goodwill for a measly $12.99. It was NOT in the auction case. I quickly found the ID number and certificate of authenticity tag and made a B line for the register. The cashier hesitated and inspected the bag thoroughly. She finally asked, “What is this? It looks special.” You could tell she was hesitant to sell it to me. I told her it’s Italian and that I was in a hurry to leave. She finally rang it up and I hightailed it out of there. I LOVE this bag. The lilac is an interesting alternative to normal neutral tones, it fits great under the arm and is comfortable to carry, and is in GREAT condition. This bag retails for around $900 or so new.


So this last spring I needed to get some work done on my car at a local NTB. My husband was dropping me off because he had a doctor’s appointment. Next door to the NTB was and empty lot where a local charity group for Bipolar Disorder was having a garage sale. I said YES! My husband groaned NOOOOOOO!!!! I made him give me all his cash, $30, and he left. I immediately found a Danish chair in great condition for $10 (good sign) and some other ridiculous buys. (Their prices really were insane, no pun intended.) Then I spot a Louis Vuitton logo on a huge flannel bag. What the hell?! I walk over, peak inside the bag, and have a mild heart attack. Inside is a massive Louis Vuitton Babylon tote bag for $15 !!!!!!!! OMG! I verify it’s only $15 and put it with my pile. I needed another $15 in cash and ran to the NTB next door. Since I was getting $1200 in work on the car the manager made one of the techs loan me $15 to get my stuff! Ha! I lugged my chair, bag, and various luxury household goodies back to the store where they sat in the front display window until my car was done. Now THAT’S customer service! Here’s the bag. It’s MASSIVE and real. I found and verified the date code on the interior by the zipper.


Next is a STUNNING and BIG Paloma Picasso Tiffany and Co. sterling silver plume necklace. I found this necklace hanging with the costume jewelry at a Goodwill in South Austin. It was black with tarnish but I was able to make out the Tiffany and Paloma Picasso signatures on the reverse. OMG! And it was priced at only $4 !!!!!!!! So I go to buy it and the cashier girl looks at it, flips it over, and says, “it’s real.” I don’t know if she means real silver or real Tiffany’s. I just reply, “I know,” she smirks, and rings it up for $4. AWESOME! Once I got it home and polished it, it looked amazing! The pendant is a plume, is a whopping TWO INCHES long, and has a hidden bail on the reverse so it appears to float on the chain. I found a few other Paloma Picasso plumes online. It was one of her original designs for Tiffany when she started designing for them in 1980. It still looks as good as new!


Lastly is a Gucci bezel watch I unfortunately did NOT keep. It sold this summer at an earlier etsy shop I shared with someone else at the time. I found this watch for $4 at a Salvation Army store in North Austin. It had been $8 but no one had bought it and they reduced it to $4, ha! I bought it and took it to a jeweler the next day where the confirmed it’s genuine and still ran. I miss that little watch.



Now that my hunting skills have been fully demonstrated, please feel free to check out the 20 new listings this week at Temple of Vintage.


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