Worth the Wait

Just a short blog to say hello and report on recent acquisitions….

So I have these two vintage low profile lounge chairs in my living room that I bought on craigslist and refinished myself (remind me to NEVER do that again!). Well I’ve been looking for a little accent table, preferably Danish modern, to go in between the two chairs for FOR-EV-ER with no success. On Sunday I got the picking itch (shocker) and decided to go to a trendy mid century resale shop that I totally assumed would be astronomically expensive. It’s called Uptown Modern, located on Burnet in central Austin. Here are some pictures of their STUPENDOUS vintage hotness!!!!




The massive blue Holmegaard vase was the first thing to greet me at the door. I was in HEAVEN!! So I looked around, lusting and drooling when i quickly found a super cute low profile Danish modern teak cube end table. I quickly flipped it over and inspected it. Made in Denmark? Yes. Solid wood? Yes. Only $95? YES!! It was in great condition with minimal surfaces scratches and had been marked down from $125 to $95. Yay!!! I bought it and it’s PERFECT! Below is a picture of it in my living room. I turned it over on its side so I can use the hollow interior for storage of shipping supplies for my Etsy and eBay sales.



The tiny atomic red glass bowl on the table is 1950s Orrefors and was at the same shop and very reasonably priced at $35, especially since it was made and signed by Orrefors glass master Sven Palmqvist. I nearly immediately got a tiny chip on the rim as soon as I got it home. LAME! The large Murano geode bowl, which is on my etsy shop, was purchased at a super ritzy antique store next door to Uptown Modern and was unmarked and laughably cheap when I inquired about it.

Last weekend I purchased a signed, numbered, and dated mid century lithograph, 1959, that I had been stalking / lusting after at my favorite resale / consignment shop. It had been $65, which was totally reasonable, but finally was marked down to $22! Mine!!! I hung it up in my kitchen last night. Unfortunately I can’t make out the signature but it still looks awesome!


Can’t wait to go hunting again this weekend!


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