So today I’m starting a new recurring blog topic called LUST! This will differ from Painful Passes because these are pricey items that are truly lust worthy. Items featured today came from a hunting / study trip at a local antique mall yesterday. Enjoy!


These lamps are AMAZING with the lemon yellow crackle glaze and actually not too too pricey at $255.


This is a JAW DROPPING tapestry by Texas mid century artist David Adickes. It’s worth every penny of the $2200 and would look AWESOME paired with the yellow lamps and a vintage white leather couch. (Though the seller really should be consigning this piece with an auction house in Dallas or Houston, duh.)

Gorgeous terra-cotta bust of a child, likely Italian, $350.


So pretty and sweet!

The Texan in my lusts after this skillful impressionist interpretation of a Hill Country bluebonnet scene, the cheap reseller in me lusts after the $85 price, and art lover in mr weeps over the flaking paint on the canvas.

This one actually qualifies for LUST and Painful Passes because I’m seriously regretting not buying this painting. It’s stunning, in GREAT condition, would look spectacular in my house, and only costs $125. I’m going to give it a week since if have to figure out where to put it. (I did email the therapist to offer him the Susan Kemner Reed just in case.)

The great thing about frequenting antique malls is you get a lot of useful info for later sales and often can find items that the seller knows is “something” but doesn’t know what it actually “Is”. And that’s where I come in 😉 I’ve been researching high end vintage Murano glass and bought these two Lust-worthy gems yesterday:



I’ve also found some other Lust-worthy things this past week that deserve honorable mentions:





The Lalique owl for $2 at goodwill (retails for $475) totally makes up for the $2 Bjorn Wiinblad studio pottery owls I accidentally sold for $20 on eBay (see the blog entitled F#CK).

But I’ve saved the BEST most LUST-worthy item for last!!! I went to Goodwill on Friday and saw this awesome little glass table lamp in the auction case:


I went back yesterday and won it. When I turned the lamp over I laughed maniacally! It’s a LAUREL!!!! YES!!! I’ve been hunting for Laurel lamps for a while now with no success. And the best part, I cannot find another lamp like it referenced anywhere online after several exhaustive google searches.

It’s on the shop and it’s stunning!!

My mom lectured me last night saying I don’t care about Etsy store profits, it’s all about the thrill of the hunt. She’s totally right.

Several Lust-worthy items are currently available to be had at Temple Of Vintage.


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