I’ve wanted to be a vintage reseller since I was in high school. If I had sold my Zao Wou-Ki watercolor for enough I would have totally opened a brick and mortar store with the proceeds. I have now come to terms with my absolute hatred of school (like I didn’t know I hate science). I have not given up on nursing yet, but as my little Etsy shop grows and with every sale I make on eBay, I just feel like I’m getting closer to my real dream of vintage resale and nursing school is slowly falling to the wayside. I refuse to quit yet but the handwriting is nearly on the wall. It also doesn’t help that I want to strangle or at least verbally rip my anatomy professor a new asshole every time he opens his mouth. So where am I going with this? I don’t know yet, just venting I guess.

In better news, I just sold my third fine art painting on eBay! Yay!!!! This one is a tiny ink and gold leaf “echruseos” painting by famous Texas artist Jack White. He was named the official state artist twice and his gold leaf paintings can catch pretty decent sums. THIS is why I love reselling. I found this tiny painting at a Goodwill here in Austin for only $1. It’s only 4×5 inches but intriguing nonetheless. And when I looked up Jack White, bingo, buy! I just sold it on eBay for a tidy $94 profit. Here is a pic of the painting:


If you’ll recall in an earlier post I found this super badass HUGE oil painting by local listed artist Susan Kemner Reed at Goodwill as well for only $5 (it’s 33 inches squared!)


… well I posted the painting on Craigslist for a steal at $350 and never got any offers. I didn’t take the ad down, waiting for it to expire, and hung the painting in my living room to replace the Ella K. Mewhinney I sold. Well I got an email yesterday from a REAL person wanting to buy the painting. Of course now I’m attached to it so I told the guy I’d keep his email and contact him if I decide to sell it.

Just further confirmation that I’m headed in the right direction 😉


2 thoughts on “Yee-haw!!!

    • Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. Just checked her blog, LOVE IT! So pretty too. I eventually want to learn html and do my own design. Just started blogging and don’t follow anyone yet. All very new. Regarding the resells, it blows my mind what people give away, as if google doesn’t exist?! Oh well, their loss!

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