Painful Passes – Art Edition

Hey readers! Geeking out to some Storage Wars and figured it was time to feature some more awesome catches that I painfully let get away. This “edition” of Painful Passes is devoted to artwork that I unfortunately couldn’t buy due to lack of wall space and storage space. Art is a passion of mine that my fully loaded walls can easily attest to. Ugh, we need a bigger place!!!!!
So on to the torture….. All of the items below were found within the past three weeks at one of my favorite lunch time haunts, and the same thrift store where I found the Ella K. Mewhinney.

Above is a GORGEOUS framed piece of cloth depicting a Renaissance era German cityscape. I suspect this piece is new but it was in stellar condition and I think it would make an very cool headboard. It is about the width of a full sized bed and only $20. Of course it’s gone now.

Above are two SUPER awesome LARGE mid century paintings with a nautical theme, one with seagulls and another with a ship. These paintings were in GREAT condition and only $12 a piece! Needless to say, they’re gone. 😐

Above is a very groovy vintage original oil painting still life. It was very big and very awesome at only $15. Needless to say, it’s gone. 😐

Above are two very cool modern baroque style portrait oil paintings. They were fairly pricey, I think $40 a piece, but very well done and would be cool decorator pieces in the right room.

I decided to save the best, most painful, for last. Above is a MASSIVE Lee Reynolds Burr oil painting, on it’s side because it’s SO BIG, depicting an abstract Mesa scene. *LOVE!* and check out that freaking AWESOME burlap and brushed steel frame. HOT!! This painting was fairly pricey at $129 but the frame alone probably would cost twice that to replace and large Lee Reynolds Burr’s are going upwards of four digits on eBay. This one hurt to pass up, but would have hurt A LOT more if it had only been $20.

The past three weeks have been pretty hectic with school, work, and Austin City Limits music festival but I finally managed to posted new items on Etsy, the first time since the 5th! Several new items are up including original artwork (including a Jack White Echruseos painting, cool sculptures, and Rosewood). There’s also a new clearance section that will remain a permanent feature in the shop. Check out the vintage hotness at Temple Of Vintage.


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