J’adore Paris!!!

So I took three years of French in High School and four years in college (don’t ask me to use it, of course). As a result I used to be obsessed with anything French, especially anything Parisian. (Managed to squeeze two trips to Paris out of my grandpa, ahhh, the good ol’ days. Love you, grandpa!). As a result of my obsession, I had to own anything Parisian I came into contact with. I started doing jigsaw puzzles with a friend one summer and bought a beautiful, primitive Parisian cityscape puzzle. The image was from a painting by Michel Delacroix. It was gorgeous and took weeks to complete, so needless to say, his style and signature were forever burned in my memory.
Fast forward 13 or so years to the first weekend in July of this year. I’m at my favorite estate sale vendors (because of their naively low prices) and I walk by a pretty little painting. Ooh, what’s that? *GASP!* Michel Delacroix! I immediately recognized the painting style and signature, thanks to my jigsaw puzzle days. And the price? A jaw droopingly low $45 !!!! EEK!
Fast forward to yesterday… I finally got an auction estimate for the painting of $700-900 (I am starting to hate auction houses). A pretty decent return on $45. I decided to post it on eBay last night for $850. I posted it at midnight and it sold by 9am, no questions asked, and to a seasoned ebay’er, thank goodness. Success!! He asked me to try to insure it for $3000. I didn’t mention my estimate and agreed to insure for $850, since that’s the max USPS will pay out on the claim. I wish him luck on making the $3000 and I’ll gladly pocket the $850 and call it a day! Here’s a few pics of the cute little painting.



In other happy news, I had two sales on Temple Of Vintage today, bringing my total sales to 50 for Etsy in less than two months, the last sale being purchased by my favorite etsy vendor. Super proud!!!


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