I’d rather be doing….

…. anything other than studying for tomorrow’s anatomy test or Tuesday’s math test on elections and game theory (you’ve gotta be freaking kidding me!) so I figured I’d do some long overdue blogging.
Speaking of blogging, I checked out my shop stats and saw that 40 hits came from the popular blog marystratonandkell.blogspot.com. She featured one of my Liberty of London scarves on her 9/7/11 Wish List Wednesday entry and it sold the same day. AWESOME!!

In the world of my 40 hour government job things are going better. The thin firing threat I mentioned in my last blog has achieved the wanted results of management and I knocked out 8 days worth of work in only 4 with the short week. It’s amazing how much work I get done when I’m not watching netflix on my iPhone in my office.

My first Finders Keepers blog got Temple of Vintage (me) it’s third fine art sale and yesterday I very happily parted ways with the Ella K. Mewhinney watercolor for a comfortable sum!
My husband and I met with the buyer at starbucks, had a good visit, I made a new art contact, and now I have some spending money for upcoming travels.

My recent shopping expeditions have been tempting me with badass furniture that I’ve decided to blog about verses buying. Remember last weekend I bought this sexy impasto painting for my dining room…


Well the same vendor, at Austin Antique mall, had this HOT HOT HOT purple pigskin love seat for only $375!!! It’s in awesome condition and has super sexy brushed brass trim and X shaped seams. LOVE IT!!

They also had this super cute little Asian inspired chest with glass top for only $45!!! It’s in great condition too.


At the Round Rock Antique mall off Mays and I-35 I found this cool mid century china cabinet, in stellar shape and complete with Japanese enamel insets in the doors for only $195, whoa!


This Danish Modern TV cabinet was a paltry $60 at my favorite shopping location, which will remain secret for proprietary purposes, ha! Seriously šŸ˜


Also at the same location was this stunning mid century roll top desk for I think $200.


I found this massive, sexy desk / wall unit at my favorite estate sale retailers. It’s only $175 today, ugh!!



I’ve had some truly stellar picks lately and I’d like to proudly display them below. First up, Museum quality art glass from Studio Ahus of Sweden.


Second, a limited edition commemorative plate made by Royal Copenhagen in 1898.


I scored TWO of these fabulous Art Deco ashtrays by Moser. I don’t think the dealer knew what Moser was or saw the mark on the underside, hehehe!


Lastly, an 1841 English Victorian Fashion etching.


Yesterday I created a new clearance section on my shop, 20 items, be sure to check out the cheap goodness at Temple Of Vintage.


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