Long time, no write. I’m running myself freaking ragged with working full time, 7 hours of classes this semester after work (Anatomy and math), and Etsy picking and posting.
Regarding work, I work a government job that I can’t discuss for fear of getting fired but let’s just say I really f#cking hate it. It’s technically an easy, good paying job but the work is tedious and leaves me numb and jaded. My management already know that I am returning to school and plan on quitting. So far the only reason I have stayed is so I can sponsor my hubby’s green card (he’s a New Zealander scientist who has been in the states for nearly a decade, so no, he didn’t marry me for his papers, rude Peruvian chick at WORK!!!!). So we got him the green card this past Monday, SUCCESS, and in only 5 months! This means I can technically quit whenever I want and the hubs won’t get deported if the government stops funding his research, but now I’m starting to feel guilty about giving up my paycheck, so I’ve promised management and the hubs that I’ll stay til January at the earliest. So where I’m going with this is I hate my job and I’ve been screwing abound and the ass slacking has caught up to me. I got a very vague yet gracious threat of firing from my boss so now I’m busting my ass at work and nearly drowning in the process.
Regarding school, I f#cking hate my Anatomy professor. He’s a creepy middle aged asexual white man who clearly suffers from an antisocial personality disorder and is probably a serial killer. I suspect the skin samples we looked at under the microscope, vagina and scalp included, on Monday were trophies from prior victims. Seriously, someone should call the FBI. My other theory, cooked up with a friend and classmate, is that he’s an ARAV, Anal Retentive Asexual Vampire, who last had sex in 1879. Math is ok and the instructor is super cute but flaky.
Regarding Etsy and eBay, it’s FABULOUS!! As of yesterday I have 40 sales on Etsy since opening Temple Of Vintage on 7/16/2011! Super proud! That doesn’t include another 10-ish sales on Craigslist and eBay, including my Julius Delbos watercolor selling in 12 hours!!

My husband asked what I will do with my vintage profits. So far I’ve left everything in the bank other than buying more stock for the shop, but last night I thought I’d get myself a treat! Check out this HOT vintage Gucci handbag I bought on eBay for $125. It’s in PRISTINE condition inside and out! I can’t wait to get it!

So today I had a massive picking extravaganza that lasted for 7 hours. So tired! Included in my trip was my first visit to the massive Austin Antique Mall. I find I’m able to score bargains wherever I go so long as the person selling the item you want is clueless, including professional dealers. There are lots of stupid people out there (please note my F#CK blog where I HORRIFICALLY realized I sold TWO pieces of original Bjorn Wiinblad studio pottery unknowingly for $20 on eBay. F#CK!!!!!!!). So I did manage to find a goodie for myself and a few items for the shop. The most entertaining / annoying part of the visit was seeing all of the items for sale in various booths that I considered and passed up at several thrift stores in town. I counted 7 in total of the booths I visited before closing. Here’s a prime example. This painting was super cool but unsigned and slightly pricey for goodwill at $10. This booth owner matted it and framed it (I’m sure with used stuff) and has it for sale at $120.

Very cool but, uh, I would NOT pay $120 for that, especially if I can find it for $10 at goodwill. Ha! šŸ˜‰ I’m damn near positive now that I’ll go back tomorrow and buy this mid century modern stunner of a painting for my dining room. It’s a STEAL at $42 and will look HOT with my Danish teak dining room set.

They open in 11.5 hours! I can’t wait to buy it.


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