Sometimes I’m stupid and cheap

Just your normal weekly vintage update. Last week I mentioned the original Nanci Blair Closson mixed media art I bought at Austin City Wide Garage Sale, well here’s a somewhat crooked pic of the stunner, which will go up on eBay tonight:

Pretty awesome! I like how it creates a kind of abstract trompe l’oeil window effect.

On Friday I swung by a tiny ghetto goodwill here in town that just happens to be one of my faves (multiple Hermes pieces AND a nearly new Fendi zucchini handbag included in recent finds). While there I found cork bottomed 1960s stainless steel coasters from Sweden for myself (YES!), a gorgeous smoked lucite box for the shop, and the most amazing large abstract oil painting ever!!!! It was priced obscenely low and in FABULOUS condition with no cracking to the paint and no tears in the canvas. It’s massive and I have no room for it. Due to it’s size, I’ll post it on craigslist:

I looked up the name of the artist, Kemner. The signature matches that of well know local artist Susan Kemner Reed. She’s currently represented by the Workman Gallery here in town and her charcoal drawings go for $500 to $1200. I will sell it at a charity price of $350. If not, I’ll find room for it in my living room, possibly Sheetrock over some windows?

So I have a new favorite resale shop that shall remain nameless due to the fabulousness of their items and prices >:P I went back yesterday for my third time in a month and brought back the following hoard of vintage hotness:



In the group photo is an original pottery sculpture by Ivo de Santis from his Gli Etruschi pottery studio in Italy! Super cute and fabulous! The cherries vase is Czech barolac glass and gorgeous. The three little plates are Royal Copenhagen Fajance and will stay with me if I don’t sell them. I’m already plotting a blue themed bathroom loaded down with RC blue Fajance pieces. HOT!!! The two glasses on either side are from a set of six ship’s glasses designed by Per Lutken for Holmegaard. Theses are the snaps (cordials, shot glasses) and I just about peed myself when I found the box in the store! Someone had hidden them in a corner under some shelves but I found them. Nice try! All six are signed! The ring is art deco, garnet and 18K white gold! They had it priced as sterling silver I think, I just didn’t point out the TWO 18K hallmarks, whatever.

Despite all this awesomeness, as the title of this post says, sometimes I’m stupid and cheap. There was a MASSIVE smoked glass bowl that looked like 1950s Holmegaard but had a felt bottom that hid the signature. It was clearly added later by the prior owner. The bowl was a whopping $20 so I didn’t buy it. Also at the same store was a bizarre red glass “pot” shaped bowl with a handle for dirt cheap. I have identified THAT as a Holmegaard palette bowl. DAMNIT!!! Then I forgot to look in the stemware for other Holmegaard ship’s glasses. So stupid!!!!!! So now I have to take a long lunch tomorrow, possibly with vacation time, to drive across town to get my Danish glass treasures. So stupid!!!

Yesterday before I set out to hunt I logged into paypal and saw a customer, who shall remain nameless, filed an unauthorized charge affidavit against my etsy store a full THREE WEEKS after purchasing $70 in items, and the claim was filed ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!! F#ck off, thief!!! I emailed the girl and never got a response, shocker!! She NEVER filed a complaint against me on etsy and per USPS she received her items on the 3rd! I was LIVID!!!!!!!! I posted the tracking info on paypal and then called their customer service. The agent was super nice and reversed the charge back since there was no evidence of wrong doing on my part. What the hell!! I don’t appreciate people STEALING from me, especially on my birthday. ARGHHHHH!!!!!

Speaking of stealing, my iPhone was stolen from a goodwill this week 5 days after I replaced it for a shattered iPhone. I’m posting this from a shiny new WHITE iPhone 4. I owned 3 iPhone 4’s in a week, possibly a new record. My husband is patient and awesome. The iPhone thief and etsy thief should get together for coffee to compare notes.

Tomorrow classes start. I’m doing my prerequisites for nursing school, this semester Anatomy and some math course. I feel like I’m burning the candle at both ends and soon the middle too.

8/22/11 P.S.- I went back to the shop today. I passed on the handled atomic red glass bowl because I couldn’t confirm it was a Holmegaard palet bowl. I also couldn’t find any matching Holmegaard ship’s glasses to match the cordials I bought. I bought the large smoked glass bowl despite the felted bottom hoping / thinking it was Holmegaard and I was right!! I now own a vintage Holmegaard Selandia glass bowl in PRISTINE condition. I ripped off the felted bottom as soon as I got in the car! AND I made it back to work in an hour!



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