New Vintage Fabulousness UP!!

Nearly done with day one of my birthday sale on etsy. Everything is 15% off, people! Get to shopping! In the past two days I’ve added Frankoma pottery, multiple Dorothy Thorpe a la Mad Men pieces, Rosenthal porcelain, Hollywood Regency Brass, a 51 INCH LONG GIVENCHY chain belt / necklace, and a large Cathy Latham Hermes scarf! OMG!!! 115 items up! Go check it out at Temple Of Vintage.

In other news, I forced my nerd scientist husband to go with me to Austin’s City Wide Garage Sale today and he did not die or burst into flames like he thought he would. I know he won’t admit he had fun but I know he did. He bought space race era National Geographics and a comic book of some sort. I think he was having fun until I made him buy and carry an original mixed media art piece by Nanci Blair Closson that I basically stole from a woman for $31. I think it’s time for another fine art sale on eBay!


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