Like a Horror Movie!

So I bought a new car last month with painting profits (YES!!!!) and finally got the windows tinted yesterday. The dealership where I picked up the car is close to a Savers thrift store that I hadn’t been to for a couple of weeks so I decided to swing by and hunt for vintage goodies. If only I had known ahead of time that the cruise through housewares, my personal favorite, would be so horrific! The Exorcist has nothing on this crap. For your horror viewing displeasure, I present the following items:

20110810-074534.jpg This is an absolutely GORGEOUS vintage wood carving of an antelope (ram, goat, whatever) from the USSR and signed by the artist on the underside. Please notice the MISSING horns. Some f#cking idiot removed the horns!! (God knows what they were made of!) MORONS!!!!!
Next in the little shop of horrors:

20110810-074918.jpg yeah, in case you couldn’t tell, this is a MASSIVE Dansk Jens Quistgaard cutting board, easily over 2 feet long. Apparently the last jerk who owned it took “cutting board” very seriously. I vaguely thought of buying it and sanding it but then I snapped back into reality. UGH!!!!

20110810-075243.jpg Needless to say I was THRILLED when I found this Michael Lax Copco kettle. HA! Not so fast there, pal. This kettle was REPULSIVE on the inside, totally corroded, smelled to high heaven, and STILL had water in it. WTF?! GROSS!!!

20110810-075509.jpg This gorgeous mid century decanter was olive green and, of course, missing the stopper. I passed it up since I couldn’t confirm the silver on it was sterling.

20110810-075638.jpg. Gasp!!! Franciscan Madeira coffee service set! Wait, is that massive coffee pot missing the lid? DAMNIT!!! (I did get Madeira candlesticks for the shop, at least.)
And then, just to add salt to the wound, a fake Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes bag.




Just when I was about to leave in complete disgust I ended up meeting an old lady who was obsessed with vintage like me and a fake redhead like me. I call her “Future Laura” and we ended up visiting for over an hour so the shopping trip wasn’t a total loss and I made up for it tonight with some Italian pottery and a Figgjo Flint casserole, YES!!


4 thoughts on “Like a Horror Movie!

  1. I just found that Franciscan Madeira coffee pot with the lid in amazing shape for $4.99 at the goodwill today! Haven’t decided yet if I am going to keep it or put it on our Etsy shop!

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