Customer Service Karma

After checking 20 voicemails from the last three days at my full time boring government desk job, I figured it was time for a blog update. Yesterday I sold this beauty to a customer in California for her wedding this weekend.

The customer is a bride and the bucket is going to be used for her wedding on Sunday, so she asked for expedited shipping. I got to the post office and was told the shipping would be $33 due to the size!!! Ouch! This means a $5 total loss for me. So I sat in the car for a second and deliberated and then called the hubs. He agreed I should take the loss on the bucket since it’s for the wedding. I emailed the bride to tell her it had shipped and asked for positive feedback, explaining the loss on the sale. Here’s her awesome response: “Oh wow…you are an amazing person! I will most def send you an appreciation pic…plus it will be in Yountville where your fabulous bucket is from! Thanks again Im totally touched :)”

Awesome!!! I totally believe in karma and usually get great returns on my karmic investments within 24 hours. I had a pendant on eBay that I had been trying to sell for a month and it finally sold this afternoon with a VERY tidy profit but still at 66% off retail for the buyer. Win win! I can’t wait to get the appreciation photo of the bucket at the wedding.

In other news, my right thumb has been driving me nuts for a few months. After I was completely unable to grip a pen on Monday due to excruciating pain I figured I better get to the doc. Turns out I have DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis. I’m forced to wear an immobilized for 3 weeks in order to lessen the need for worse intervention (cortisone injections or surgery).

So yesterday I was told to not use the hand at all. The hubs did the dishes for me but then he had to leave to get ant spray for an infestation of fire ants in our bathroom. WTF? It’s incredibly hot and dry here right now, we think the got in looking for water. So the brace came off to fight the ants and then I fell on my hands and knees during the whole mess. So much for no hand use. And the doc inferred that the injury might be from lifting and cleaning stuff for the etsy shop. Lame! My husband will just have to learn how to polish silver and take photo box pics, I guess.


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