Painful Passes

“Painful Passes” will be a new regular blog topic where I post pics of amazing vintage thrift store finds that I very painfully pass up. Today’s finds are at the Austin Goodwill off 35 and 183 by the super Walmart. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE studio pottery. Seriously 😐 I recently built a very cool, MCM style table lamp out of an Italian bottle that looks amazing, so I refuse to get rid of it.
My other main lamp is a hanging silk lantern with with gold leaf accents and so far is the only one I’ve ever seen, so I refuse to part with it either.
That means I have literally no room for what is possibly one of the prettiest studio pottery lamp I’ve EVER seen for only $9.99 😦
GORGEOUS!! It’s signed by the artist, Krause, and dated ’91. If I had room to store it I’d possibly buy it for my shop, but I don’t.
At the same Goodwill is a VERY AWESOME asymmetrical red marble (or travertine) coffee table for only $30 or $40.
Every time I see a badass coffee table that I can’t buy (rescue) a tiny part of my soul dies. But alas, I already have a bad ass BERTHA SCHAEFER SINGER & SONS Italian travertine and walnut table that I got at an Abilene estate sale for a steal at $45 !!!!
This last item, a mid century toy box, was for bid in the auction and was so cute it made me regret not having kids for like a whole nanosecond.
At the Oak Hill Goodwill in Southwest Austin was a MASSIVE AND STUNNING 1970s original painting of sailboats that I WOULD have bought if my walls weren’t completely loaded with art already. It actually did physically and spiritually hurt a little to not buy this painting.

I of course did not bid on the toy box or anything else but instead went to an estate sale where I thoroughly enjoyed the horrified look on the chick’s face when she saw the Royal Copenhagen plate I bought had only been priced at $4.50. Whoops! Ha! I will NEVER pass up RC for $4.50.


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