Act of Congress

It practically took an act of Congress to get these Swedish cased glass gems in my hot little hands!

Ignore the repulsive wall of my work cubicle. The shape and dimensions of these baluster vases identify them as Elme Glasbruk of Sweden. AWESOME!! I’ve been looking for reasonably priced Scandinavian baluster vases for quite some time but haven’t been lucky until now. That being said, I purchased these 2.5 WEEKS ago on Etsy by some retailer that also runs a Decor rental business for event planning in California. It took 5 mean emails and a threatening phone call but now they’re here! One shall stay with me, the other shall go on

During lunch I cruised by my new favorite thrift store and found a massive Georges Briard Dorothy Thorpe-esque bowl set (who knew?) and a MASSIVE Santa Clara blackware jar by Petra Gutierrez! SCORE!!! The jar might go on eBay since it’ll probably be too pricey for Etsy.

In the world of art… I sold an original watercolor portrait by famous Costa Rican artist Francisco Amighetti (famous in Costa Rica anyway) on eBay and shipped it to Costa Rica this afternoon. I suspect the buyer paid too little but I still got a 400% profit so I refuse to gripe. I need to remember to never ship art overseas again. Talk about a pain in the ass. It was super pretty, I should have kept it.


Here she is before and after taping for shipping. So pretty! Now I’m bummed. Oh well, guess I just need to find another one, ha!


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