Birth Blog

First blog! I’m very new to this whole online media thing, I must admit, so bear with me. As my profile says, I’m Laura, and I’m a new online retailer, Temple of Vintage. I’m also a newlywed (one year last month so maybe not a newlywed?), a government employee, a returning college student (nursing), and a hardcore resale shopping addict!

Temple of Vintage’s first week has been a GREAT success with 5 sales on Etsy and 3 sales through eBay including an original watercolor by listed Costa Rican artist Francisco Amighetti, San Ildefonso pottery candlesticks, and a pair of Danish redware pottery votives that were sold to Abodeon in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a high end housewares retailer voted Best of Boston 2009 and 2010 by Boston Magazine! Temple of Vintage is my baby, and I hope it becomes formidable force to be reckoned with! It’s a blast to run and now that I’ve managed my storage crisis and I can see my dining room table again, everything is right in the world. Below is the link to Temple of Vintage on Etsy.


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